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In this week’s LIVE, Christian talks first about the Only Watch Auction, to which many famous brands donate a one-of-a-kind watch. This year, Patek Philippe’s donation garnered a lot of interest – particularly because it’s just so bad. Christian’s contention is that the design does not represent the history, image, or thought that classic Pateks (such as the 96, 2499, 1518, etc) do. With its carbon-fiber dial, thick titanium case, and cluttered dial, it’s taking the “Patek” look in a completely different (and potentially detrimental) direction.

Next, Christian jumps into the Gucci Bee watch. This watch is huge (45mm) with a threaded dial that is utterly unappealing. Gucci could benefit from taking hints of design from companies like Baume & Mercier and Longines – to resemble the business model adopted by Cartier – be a designer first, make watches purposefully as a tasteful and valuable addition.

Christian talks briefly about the minor controversy with a well-known (watch) YouTuber – TGV. He reflects on shifts in business models and how investors can be more of a detriment than a benefit.

He clears up a repeated question about the most recently released Rant&h video – – about fake watches. HAVING A SMALL BUDGET IN NO WAY MEANS THAT YOU ARE LESS-THAN. The problem with fake watches is not an individual’s inability to afford a Rolex. The problem with the fake watch market is that they are just bad watches – they’re bad investments, they’re a waste of your money – whether it’s $5,000 or $50. Spend your money on a Datejust, an Omega, or a Timex Weekender – but spend it well and spend it wisely.

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