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The Omega Globemaster is an incredible value prop. For its quality of construction, universally appealing design, relative versatility, and date function, it is one of the best in its price point. The only drawback is the fluted bezel which, although the design element itself is beautiful and classic, it’s a well-known Rolex staple. It simply doesn’t quite fit in with the history of this Omega line or Omega’s classic design elements. That being said, it’s still a beautiful watch.

Urwerk, an unconventional, innovative, and unique brand collaborated with Laurent Ferrier, a producer of some of the finest, traditionally-inspired but experimental and beautiful watches in the market. They produced a watch that is 100% unique and clearly tied to both brands, in a very harmonious way. Props to both Laurent Ferrier and Urwerk for this creative design and craftsmanship.

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