Christian answers audience questions LIVE!

The Phillips Glamorous Day-Date Auction
The watches that came out of this auction were rare, beautiful (mostly), ROLEX. But – the marketing hype was so intense around this auction – higher, we argue, than the actual value of the pieces, that they pulled in triple the predictions. We argue that marketing is the key variable in the selling of these Day Date’s because rarity does not tend to have this drastic of an impact on the outcome of auctions where every single watch is rare (as they were here).

Cartier Tank
27mm Cartier tanks are wearable on a man’s wrist – at least small to average sized wrists. If you’re comfortable with showing a little more strap than usual, a Cartier tank is be a fantastic dress selection.

WatchTime NYC
Yes, we’ll be at the WatchTime event. It has an open bar and watch talk. What did you expect?

We have new Jean-Rousseau straps COMING (probably end of October)!!! Get pumped, geeks.

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