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In this week’s episode of ASKTNH LIVE, Christian tackles the hardest hitting questions of the week from the watchfam over on our Instagram (@theoandharris, wink wink).

The first question we tackle comes in the form of Che Guevara’s PERSONAL Rolex GMT, a watch that seems, to those who know anything about the man himself, to be the antithesis of everything he stood for. When you think about it, though, back pretty much before the era of smartphones, it wasn’t an easy thing to keep track of time in more than one time zone. Having access for that complication became vital for everyone from reporters to military generals, and just about everyone in between.

The other major topic in this week’s episode comes in the form of Christian’s thoughts on PVD coated watches. While PVD used to be a near death sentence for the case’s ability to withstand scratching, it’s become a lot more of a solid practice nowadays. So, while Christian has no problem with them, he certainly doesn’t see himself owning one. Why is that? You’re gonna have to watch to the end of the video to find out!

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