In this episode of LIVE ASKTNH, Christian answers audience questions via Instagram about HODINKEE’s recent article comparing dive watches to chronographs, Steinhart watches, next week’s vintage watch listings to the watch shop, custom dials, and more!

On HODINKEE’s article:
The comparison was on the everyday practicality of divers versus chronographs. In reality, the likelihood that a person would use the chronograph function (which is the more practical of the two) is low and likely ONLY for fun. That said, in our eyes, the most valuable function is the day-date function – the most practical and useful in your day to day. You can read the article here.

On Steinhart:
If you’d like a cheaper, functional, and well-designed submariner alternative, Steinhart is a great brand for you. They have plenty of options, and some pretty cool vintage-inspired pieces. The Ocean is a great line in particular, and the Vintage Ocean is a super cool example.

On Custom Dials:
If there’s something in particular you want, and you get it done right – like a lapis dial on a Rolex Day-Date, a custom dial could be the best move for you. Other examples of custom Rolexes (like the one shown in the video) have great design, are done in fantastic taste, and suit the specific desires of the owner. If you can largely hold the integrity of the piece and make it EXACTLY what you want – go for it.

Christian talked about the custom Jean Rousseau x Theo & Harris watch straps that are available in the watch shop at The straps, Type 1 and Type 2, ran in limited production just a month ago. The Theo & Harris shop could be potentially listing more of the same two types in the future as well as an entirely new strap. Keep your eyes peeled for updates – be sure to be following us on Instagram to get the latest!

Christian also talks about international shipping of Theo & Harris watches and the Omega Bumper Automatic movement. To participate in the next LIVE discussion, be sure to follow @THEOANDHARRIS on Instagram to be notified!