In this episode of ASKTNH LIVE, Christian answers questions LIVE via Instagram (which you should totally follow – @theoandharris)! First up at bat is the seemingly never ending debate between what makes patina versus what makes a watch damaged. Spoiler alert: the words are technically synonymous.

NEXT, we address the concern among members of the T&H Watchfam Facebook group (which, by the way, you should join to participate in some really great, in depth conversations about horology every day) regarding how we’ve restructured the group and the difference between having your voice “feel” heard and having it actually BE heard.

LAST, we dive into the murky waters of what makes a watch “valuable,” a word which here means: an incredibly subjective appreciation for or distaste for a particular timepiece. In other words: you don’t need to base your valuation of a piece on the way the market views it – unless you’re into that sort of thing, then go for it!

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