In this week’s episode of ASKTNH LIVE, Christian tackles the hardest hitting questions of the week from the watchfam over on our Instagram (@theoandharris, wink wink).

Our first question comes from a watch geeks that wants to know Christian’s opinion on Ralph Lauren watches. He’s discussed this on the channel once or twice already, but here he goes into much more depth, discussing how impressive it is that these are, by and large, true examples of fine horology. The Slim Classique, for example, is a watch featuring a white gold case, Piaget caliber inside, and some seriously tasteful design, offered in both a classic and modern size. If Patek Philippe had stamped their name on the dial, the watch would no question fit right in alongside some of the most classic Calatravas without anyone even batting an eye. In short: he digs the brand.

Next, we field a question regarding where the most value can be found in the horological Holy Trinity. This one is a bit easier to answer, and it comes in the form of Vacheron Constantin, a brand we’ve expressed SERIOUS love for before. Modern VCs can be had well under the price of their comparable pieces from the other two brands in the trinity (those being AP and Patek), and pack just as much prestige and punch, sometimes even more.

Lastly, we field the single most important question ever asked on ASKTNH LIVE: who would win in a fight, Christian or Rolly? I know who I’m placing my bets on, but if you want to know where Christian puts his money, you’ll have to hang tight till the end of the video.

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