In this week’s episode of ASKTNH LIVE, Christian tackles the hardest hitting questions of the week from the watchfam over on our Instagram (@theoandharris, wink wink). We start off with a question concerning servicing costs of the infamous Rolex Oysterquartz. As you might expect, these things are a beast to get serviced, given just how few of them were made and how difficult service parts are to come by.

Next, we get into the subject of why Glashutte Original, specifically the Panomatic Lunar, doesn’t quite hold its value as well as a comprably designed and complicated Lange. The short answer: it all comes down to the details, especially the movements.

Last, we dive into the age old question of whether hand-wound or automatic movements are “better,” and which ones Christian prefers. I won’t spoil it, but suffice it to say, there are purists on both sides of the argument, and both of them are right to a certain extent. Make sure to tune in to our Instagram feed to be able to take part in next week’s episode of ASKTNH LIVE!

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