In this week’s episode of ASKTNH LIVE, Christian tackles the hardest hitting questions of the week from the watchfam over on our Instagram (@theoandharris, wink wink). We start off with a question concerning whether wearing a yellow gold Rolex Day-Date at 28 years old makes you a bit of a douche (short version – no, not unless you are wearing the watch and ALSO a douche). From there, we get into one of the most interesting debates I’ve ever heard: does wearing a two-tone Rolex Daytona mean that you couldn’t muster up the money for a solid gold one? Me being a fan of two-tone, the obvious answer is “of course not.” Some people tend not to agree, though, making it an interesting discussion.

Then, we dig into Christian’s opinion of white gold Submariners, specifically the “Smurf.” Is it the ultimate under-the-radar kind of watch? If you ask me, just about any white gold piece would qualify for that distinction. Lastly, we respond to a viewer’s conundrum: Everose Yachtmaster 40 or Patek Nautilus? Want to see the answer to that one? Hang tight to the end of the video, and make sure to tune in to our Instagram feed to be able to take part in next week’s episode of ASKTNH LIVE!

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