In this week’s episode of ASKTNH LIVE, Christian tackles the hardest hitting questions of the week from the watchfam over on our Instagram (@theoandharris, wink wink).

Our first question comes from a watch geeks that wants to know Christian’s thoughts on the Tudor Snowflake. Instead, it leads into a discussion about watch knowledge in general, and how it can be a tricky thing to manage. In short, Christian touches on how, just because we sell something, doesn’t mean we necessarily know all there is to know about it for all of time. Rarer birds require less frequent use of the knowledge we gain, so inevitably, some of it just gets lost in the shuffle.

From there, we discuss the Lange 1, a piece Christian says he’d love to own a 1995 closed caseback variant of. The reason is two fold: for one, it’s his (and my!) birth year, so there’s the inherent sentimental attachment, but it’s also an incredibly rare version of a watch that is already so outside of so many people’s reach, that it would just be undeniably cool to own.

Last(ish), we get a tip from a watch geek who mentions that he finds life much easier when he straps his Apple Watch to his dog’s collar so it think’s he’s being active while, in reality, he’s watching T&H videos. Okay, so the real last question is about the durability and easy servicing of the Datejust which, if you know T&H, you will have heard 100 times over, so I’ll let Christian take the reins on that one.

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