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In this episode, of ASKTNH Live, Christian jumps into a few audience questions via Instagram Live. If you’d like the BEST wrist shots in the game, market/watch/booze commentary, T&H updates, and LIVE chats, go follow us on Instagram @theoandharris.

On the Rolex Day-Date:
We LOVE the Rolex Day-Date in both yellow or white gold – but the question on the mind right now is – which metal makes you look more RICH? We’re going with a white gold Rolex Day-Date, because if you KNOW – then you know the watch was more expensive for something that could look “less than” the yellow gold. But who knows, really. It’s all Rolex.

The Patek Philippe Calatrava v. the JLC Reverso:
Although as a watch the Reverso is more interesting, (with its sports beginning to its luxury staple), the Reverso doesn’t fit as well as the Calatrava. The Tribute to 1931 is such a fantastic watch, but if you have a small-medium sized wrist, it’s likely that the watch will hang over a bit – it’s just a little too long. Patek Philippe’s Calatrava, on the other hand, does not have this problem.

Zenith Defy El Primero:
Okay, let’s be real. This is a Hublot. Once you learn that Jean Claude Biver is at the helm, it totally makes sense why this “El Primero” release is anything but – gaudy, dramatic, confused, loud. We miss the good ol’ days.

We also talked about YouTube hate comments, content creation, how to reach T&H, and our very own Jean Rousseau straps – the Type 1 and Type 2 are on pre-order now!

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