BEST Patek Philippe Watch for Millennials: 5930G World Time

RANT&H | JUNE 17, 2019

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Patek Philippe’s 5930G World Time Chronograph may be the brand’s best attempt to connect to the next, young generation of watch buyers.

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In today’s video, Christian dives into Patek Philippe’s newest World Time Chronograph – the 5930G!!!

For a long time, the Patek Philippe brand was pretty exclusively for middle aged men loyal to Patek. They’ve made attempts in the past to attract younger potential buyers, introducing the Nautilus first in the 1970s, and then again with the Aquanaut in the 1990s. Both watches were attempts to capitalize on a combination of elegance and sportiness, pioneered by the AP Royal Oak not long before.

They’ve since made other attempts, including the 5960 Aquanaut Chronograph which, essentially, relied almost entirely on the addition of a sport complication and some bright colors to try and make up for the fact that the brand, essentially, has no idea how to communicate to young watch geeks. It flopped, unremarkably, but they may have tried a bit harder with one that, though coming out before the Aquanaut Chrono, flew entirely under the radar.

The 5930G is a World Time Chronograph, the brand’s first since a piece unique in 1940 made for a doctor. That watch and this one are almost entirely unrelated visually, but they share plenty of subtle DNA. While both complications are certainly present, the chronograph definitely feels like more of an afterthought than the world time, mostly due to the design required to execute both together in a way that’s legible. Ultimately, it’s a watch that scratches the itch for something that rides the line between sporty and high horology, and offers a watch that, though modern, is still incredibly classic.