Christopher Ward Revamps Their Flagship Model With The Trident 3 Collection

Article By: Logan Hannen


Christopher Ward, the British boutique watch brand known best for their line of high value, high quality dive watches, the Trident, has updated this line with a new generation of Trident divers: the Trident 3.

The new Trident 3 collection is a wholesale update to the Trident range, with a number of aesthetic changes and technical ones giving the line a total refresh. Featuring three new models, including a GMT and a limited edition in titanium, there’s something in the new range for everyone, so let’s dive into what’s on offer.

The Christopher Ward Trident 3 Collection

C60 Trident Pro 600
Source: Christopher Ward

Let’s start with a rundown of each model. First up, we have the standard C60 Trident Pro 600, a 600m dive watch in stainless steel. This is very much the next evolution of the watch that Christopher Ward is perhaps best known for. It comes in three case size options, a 38mm, 40mm, and 42mm, meaning there truly will be a size suitable for just about every wrist.

Christopher Ward has increased the size of the grown for better gripping, as well as increased the grip of the bezel. They’ve also updated the handset stylistically, which also allows for more, and more potent, lume to be applied. The Trident Pro 600 comes on either a steel bracelet or the brand’s new “hybrid” canvas and rubber strap.

Christopher Ward C60 Trident GMT 600
Source: Christopher Ward

Next up, we have the C60 Trident GMT 600, a watch that is based on the existing Trident Pro, but with a couple of important upgrades both from that model and from the previous Trident GMT. Where the previous Trident GMT featured a bezel that retained its dive-timer function up to the 15 minute mark, and then switched to the GMT 24 hour format from then on, the new Trident GMT 600 features a full 24 hour GMT bezel, done in ceramic like all of Christopher Ward’s dive bezels.

Also like the new Trident Pro, the Trident GMT 600 comes on both a bracelet or a hybrid strap, as well as in three dial/bezel combos: all black, all blue, and a black dial with a burgundy bezel. Where it differs from the updated Pro 600, however, is in the sizing, where it comes only in 38 and 42mm diameter.

The C60 Trident Elite 1000
Source: Christopher Ward

Lastly, we have the new, limited edition C60 Trident Elite 1000, a model released in just 300 pieces. Unlike the other options in the range, the Elite comes only in a 42mm case, only on one of two color variations of the new hybrid strap, and only in a blue and orange combination of bezel and dial. Its case is made of grade 2 titanium, and is depth rated to 1000 meters, a first for any piece from Christopher Ward.

The Damage
The Christopher Ward C60 Trident Pro 600 starts at $795 on the strap and $910 on the bracelet.

The C60 Trident GMT 600 starts at $1,020 on the strap and $1,135 on the bracelet.

The C60 Trident Elite 1000 comes in at a price of $1,425, and is limited to 300 pieces.