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In this week’s COLLECTION REVIEW, Christian reviews the incredibly unpredictable collection of a very enthusiastic watch geek!

The first piece in this geek’s INSANE collection is a modern Rolex Thunderbird, a piece that Christian is, admittedly, a bit conflicted on because, while it is beautiful, it also lacks some of the awkward sporty charm that the vintage examples have become known for. From there, we touch on the 34mm Oyster Perpetual which, although not a particularly unique piece, does pose an interesting comparison to the next piece in the box – an AP Day-Date.

From there, we dive into a Patek Philippe 5980, the Nautilus Chronograph. It’s a watch Christian isn’t a fan of AS A NAUTILUS, but as a watch, it’s pretty freaking cool. From there, we have a Patek 3940 in yellow gold which we’ve talked about at length at the link below. Oh, and then there’s a JLC Duometre that’s just a kick ass piece like no other.

So what do we recommend? Well, for us, the choice is obvious – the white gold A. Lange & Sohne 1815 chronograph. It covers the precious metal, and the need for a beautifully constructed movement, along with an underdog story for the ages. What’s not to love?