Christian reviews a watch geeks collection that includes pieces like a Rolex Daytona, an Omega Speedmaster, a Vacheron Constantin & more!

Louis Errand Chronograph
Your first watch – a gift from your aunt upon high school graduation.

Rolex Datejust 1601/16014
Steel, mint case, with a Buckley dial. The Rolex Datejust is an heirloom watch, beautifully designed and brilliantly constructed. Rolex has immense brand equity and it’s watches are versatile and strong.

Breitling Aerospace
Another gift commemorating a fantastic accomplishment! It’s a great watch and suits the occasion without clashing.

Rolex Explorer White Dial
It features a great complication, a crisp white dial, and it makes a wonderful summer watch.

Rolex Coke GMT Master II
Beautiful, GMT function, well built, what more is there?

Black Rolex Daytona
I mean, come on. It’s just so cool. It’s a phenomenal gift. You’re killing it.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Grape
The color on this watch is phenomenal, although most would say it’s feminine. Don’t listen to them. It’s tasty.

Father Son IWC pilot
The pairing and marketing is great – it stands for something sentimental.

Omega Speedmaster
It’s the FIRST watch he bought himself! It’s the first Omega in Space, obviously holding a ton of history. But it’s even more beautiful than it is historical.

Vacheron Constantin Patrimony
It’s a striking watch with a classical design but some added hard edges. The balance is intriguing.

Black Bay Heritage
Great piece!

FP Journe Elegante P48
A watch genius, FP Journe has made a company that gets some of the greatest respect in the watch world. Their release of the Chronometre Blue and worldwide appreciation of that enabled them to release this Elegante and have it be received well. No part of this watch is done half-a**ed. The “sleeping technology” is what makes the Journe Elegante stand out – it goes into sleep mode, preserving the battery life by not displaying the updated time. Once it is disturbed by vibrations of being picked up or moved, it wakes up and displays the correct time. Wow!

What to buy next?
Gifts for mom & dad. And once you’re back onto your collection, get into some crazy independents. Maybe MB&F?

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