A New York Designer’s Classic Collection

Article By: Logan Hannen

Sep 19, 2018

What is up, watchfam?! Today, we’re diving into the collection of a watch geek named Eric with a serious taste for the classics.

Eric was left two pieces that his dad wore, including a prized possession Rolex, but because of how special these pieces are, I’m going to save them for the end of the article. Instead, let’s start with this:

This, the Rolex GMT Master II ref. 16710 with the Pepsi bezel, Eric describes, was a personal grail and one that he used to celebrate landing a new job. Something that I massively respect Eric for is his commitment to using this watch, a no frills tool watch at the end of the day, with that kind of rugged, durability in mind. He’s taken it snowboarding, hiking, and other “crazy” activities that Eric has chosen not to disclose. All in all, can’t argue with the Pepsi.

Next up, we have Eric’s Heuer Carrera 1964 re-edition, a watch I have always loved, albeit in the black dial variant, but one that tugs at my heart strings either way. There are really two major reasons that Eric cites for his motivation to pull the trigger on this particular piece. First, the automotive connection, which I’m sure is the draw for a lot of other geeks as well, as well as the classic proportions to go along with it. And then we have the sort of strange synchronicity of the year. Eric’s dad was born in 1964, and his dream car (which, he assures us, he did eventually get) was a Porsche Carrera. It seemed, on that basis alone, like exactly the right watch.

Now, while I love me a trusty Seiko SKX, which Eric does have in his collection, I really want to spend a moment focusing on the two pieces his dad left him because they’re both incredibly special to him, and also inform the direction I think he should take his collection next.

The first is this Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date ref. 1505 in two-tone. It’s got diamonds on the dial, which itself is a beautiful champagne, and has been paired here with a navy leather strap. I personally love the way the navy and gold play off each other, and the funky, sort of unexpected texture of the engine turned bezel helps put it over the edge for me. This was his dad’s prized possession, and it’s easy to see why.

Lastly, we have his dad’s vintage Gucci 3000m. With a quick search (example of where) one can begin to understand the meaning this watch would have had at the time. I came to really respect what it represented in its era. Gucci name and associated fashion watch baggage aside, this l was a very refined looking, traditionally sized men’s dress watch, and it nails that role perfectly. Eric says he only wears it for special occasions, and I would definitely agree with that usage.

The Recommendations:
Alright, so Eric stole my thunder a bit by pointing out that he was giving serious consideration to a Rolex Day-Date. I think, on that level, he couldn’t go wrong. Not only did he describe his dad’s fashion sense as “total New Jersey gangster” complete with gold necklaces, bracelets, rings, watch, etc, which would be perfectly homaged with a solid gold watch such as the Day-Date, but it also, in some ways, feels like the kind of evolution of his dad’s OP Date.

However, my main recommendation for Eric isn’t the Day-Date. Nope, I’m going a bit more off the cuff than that. Sort of. It’s the new for 2018 Cartier Santos Automatic in 39.8mm, two-tone yellow gold and stainless steel. This new model features Cartier’s new interchangeable strap system which I’ve yet to see in action in the metal, but it’s definitely something I’m interested in getting a better look at. It does play into your desire for a precious metal timepiece that can still take a beating, and it features some of the funky bracelet integration that you mentioned you loved about the Royal Oak. I think, if nothing else, it’s definitely worth checking out.

As a bonus, though, have one more suggestion – a Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso…on a bracelet! No, seriously, dig around for some shots of Reverso Grande Tailles on bracelets (I’ll leave a shot below for you to check out) and you’ll see that it gives the Reverso a sort of Datejust character all its own. Couple that with the rich history and classic status of the piece, and it’s got my vote.

JLC Reverso Grande GMT
Source: Fratello Watches

Naturally, the piece pictured above is just one of many examples, but since Eric is a design guy, and the Reverso is truly emblematic of the art deco period that birthed it, I think it’s only fair to keep it in the running. Plus, you can always put it on a strap later and class it up a bit, while you’re at it.

Alright geeks, that does it for Eric’s collection, and Eric, I hope you dug my suggestions. Feel free to shoot us an email and talk over ideas more – I’d love to see what you end up with. And watchfam, remember to, as always, keep it classy.