A Young Brit’s ONE PIECE Watch Collection

Article By: Logan Hannen

OCT 17, 2018

What is up, watchfam?! Today, we’re diving into something a bit interesting – Cameron, a 16 year old British watch geek, and his one watch collection!

Before we dive into Cameron’s single piece, I think there’s an important discussion to be had here – can one piece make a collection? It’s a really unique question, because, by definition, a collection is a group of things or people, and a group, generally, implies plurality. And yet…somehow the promise of adding more feels, to me, like justification to call Cameron’s single piece a collection. Seeing as the bulk of this review will be composed of suggestions for not just Cameron’s next piece, but his next couple, it seems only right to look at it as the foundation of what will, I imagine, be a superb collection judging by his first (and so far only) watch. What watch is that?

The Omega Speedmaster Professional, of course. One of those icons of modern horology that, I’d be willing to bet, is being made even more iconic thanks to it being strapped to Ryan Gosling’s wrist in The First Man, a film just released recently that focuses on the first lunar landing, wherein Gosling plays astronaut legend Neil Armstrong. Point being this – the Speedy is a popular, classic example of good watchmaking that needs no real change or revolution about it (unless you count the dozens upon dozens of Speedmaster variants, but that’s another article entirely). Cameron has done something that I often recommend people considering the Speedy as their daily watch do – get the thing on the bracelet, get a dressy, crocodile strap for it, and then get some other straps for more casual wearing. The bracelet is the perfect, all-round option, while the croc/gator strap is brilliantly formal. Despite ultimately being a tool watch, the sheer minimalism of the Speedmaster’s design grants it the ability to function, sort of like the Rolex Submariner, as a more versatile watch than originally intended. In short – the Speedy is pure freaking gold.

The Recommendations
Here’s the deal – with Cameron, I’m not working from a place of “here’s what I’m looking for, here’s my budget, etc” and, as such, kinda have free reign to suggest what I want, but I’m going to try to keep my suggestions in and around the pricing of the Speedmaster for consistency’s sake…well, except for one pick, that is.

Pick #1: Rolex Datejust 1601 (Roughly $3500-3800 USD)
Alright, alright, I know you all knew this was coming, but in the case of Cameron here my logic is a bit different than usual. What the Speedy tells me about our boy here is that he’s into his icons and likes them to be as multifaceted as possible. And while you could definitely make the argument that the Submariner is the more iconic Rolex, I still think that the Datejust is the most versatile of the bunch. Sure, I don’t think I’d throw it on a NATO personally, but I’ve seen it done to relatively good effect when paired properly. And I mean, come on, just look at that…

Rolex ref. 1601
Source: Anna Griffin

Pick #2: Orient Mako USA II (Retail: $450)

Orient Mako USA II
Source: ABlogtoWatch

When I say budget dive watch, you say…probably the Seiko SKX, and we all know it’s probably the best dollar for dollar Japanese diver under $300. However, for an extra $150 USD, you get a LOT more watch than the SKX can even give you, and from an equally historic and heritage Japanese watchmaker. The Mako USA II is pretty freaking dense on the specs, all things considered. 41.5mm steel case, 13mm thick, sapphire crystal, solid end links, and a HEAP of lume on the dial. Inside, you’ve got the Orient manufacture caliber F6922, an automatic movement that (finally) features hand-winding and hacking, along with the standard day-date functionality that most Orient divers come with. That all being said, there are a ton of options around the $450 mark, but Orient has a tendency of running sales on the semi-regular, so just wait for a 35% off sale to crop up and you’ll be golden. Value prop to the max.

Pick #3: Bremont MBII (Retail: $4995 USD)

Bremont MBII Orange Barrel Edition
Source: Worn & Wound

Okay, so I know this is a bit more than the Speedy would be, but I feel like this hits a couple of points. First, the MBII is the epitome of funky design. Bremont’s signature Trip-Tick case is really just a sight to behold, and those lugs are some of my favorite in the industry right now. It’s also got the incredibly history behind it that, if you’re not familiar with, is definitely worth reading about (it can be found in the description for the watch, as linked above). Not only that, but Bremont is one of the modern icons of British watchmaking, so it’s a nice way to pay tribute to the country you call home, much like it would be for one of us here in the states to proudly rock any of the couple of standout American-made watches from brands like RGM or Detroit Watch Company. It suits a stylistic cue that you haven’t tapped into with the Speedy or with the other suggestions on this list, and I think you’d genuinely dig having it on your wrist, Cameron.

Alright, geeks! What did you think of our suggestions for Cameron’s collection? Cameron, feel free to keep us updated about your progression and, as always, keep it classy, watchfam.