In this week’s collection review, Christian takes a look at the collection of a watch geek named Keith (with a guest appearance by Keith’s wife’s collection, too!), and makes his recommendations for where both Keith and his missus should go in the future!

Keith’s collecting started with a pretty standard, but ever symbolic quartz Tag Heuer Professional. This pre-Aquaracer diver from Tag is considered, by some, to be the moment when Tag Heuer began to fall off the wagon a bit, but it in no way takes away from the watch itself, or his connection to it: it was a gift for his 18th birthday!

From there, we move through a ration of incredible pieces, everything from a JLC Reverso (a gift from his wife on their wedding day, it even has “don’t be late” inscribed on the caseback) to a Rolex 6694, complete with an aftermarket, no-cyclops crystal (something Christian is a big fan of), all the way to a white gold Rolex Day-Date (which Keith acquired from T&H, no less!!!). In the world of Keith’s wife’s collection, we have two Cartiers: a Tank Francaise and a small, round model that might be a Panthere.

So what does Christian recommend? For Keith, his suggestion is to dig into the world of smaller vintage from well-known brands like Omega and Girard Perregaux, pieces that can be had for an absolute song compared to their modern counterparts. For Keith’s wife, he recommends something with an Oyster case, perhaps a 34 mm Datejust to offset the elegance and even delicate nature of her two Cartiers.