Ben, an incredibly thoughtful collector and watch geek, reached out to Christian for his opinion on a potential next acquisition. In this video, Christian dives into the history and value of the two watches currently in Ben’s collection – the Rolex Sea-Dweller 116600 and the Cartier Ceinture Automatique – and offers his opinion of brands that could be of interest to Ben.

Ben called the Rolex Sea-Dweller the “modern milsub,” meaning the watch most true to the integrity displayed by the original Rolex Military Submariner’s tool function, practical and humble size-design combination. The Sea-Dweller’s wearability, sturdiness, historical significance, and Rolex name all add to its function in Ben’s very limited collection.

On the other side of the spectrum, is the Cartier, a dress piece with special sentimentality for Ben. His grandfather owned a Cartier Ceinture Automatique and when the watch was given to Ben’s uncle, he went out and purchased his very own. This watch serves an equally valuable but completely separate purpose in Ben’s collection. Its white gold case, quirky design, and Cartier “Paris” label all contribute to the stylish dress and vital design heritage this watch exudes.