In this week’s collection review, Christian takes a look at the collection of a long time watch geek named Norbert. Norbet’s collection is easily one of the most thoughtful, intentional collections I’ve ever seen, even down to that Nixon that serves as our entry-point into his collection. We may not associate Nixon with luxury, or even value, but the amount of effort it took to even consider producing a watch where the time is displayed the way Norbert’s is, with only a button to control the changing of the time, is a testament to someone at Nixon missing their true calling.

Next, we move into a stream of incredibly solid and iconic pieces. My personal favorite among these is the Rolex BLNR (Batman), but I’ve also got a serious crush on the Omega Aqua Terra. Then, we see the crown jewel: Norbert’s JLC Reverso. It was his wedding watch, and he even bought himself a special JLC strap for the watch before he even OWNED the thing. That’s commitment.

So what does Christian recommend? Well, Norbert was kind enough to suggest a few ideas of his own, including an A. Lange & Sohne. In spite of that, Christian suggests a really out-of-the-box Vacheron Constantin. Which one? Sit tight until the end of the video to find out!