In this episode of Collection Review, Christian reviews the 8 piece collection of a watchgeek and T&H fan, Nick. Nick has amassed 7 powerhouse tool watches and one exceptional dress (non-sporty) watch, a Glashutte Original Panoreserve. Christian analyzes the pieces in the collection one by one and then offers encouragement for Nick’s next move!

Here are some of Christian’s thoughts:

On the Seiko SKM05, although I don’t give Seiko the attention it potentially deserves, I absolutely love the look of this watch. This sector dial and color combination make this watch a great “beater” in a collection.

The Omega Speedmaster, a public favorite, is a watch that we all as #watchgeeks admire for history, design and build quality. This particular model features the 50th Anniversary logo, a collectible element for sure. This watch, aside from its high quality, has the potential to be recognized and collected above “normal” Soeedmasters for its special quality.

This Panerai has a relatively lesser known history, making it even cooler. It stands out for the depth of the date window, the blue dial, and the sandwich dial.

The MeisterSinger is 1 of 48 watches to commemorate Giambattista Rodella, an Italian architect, watchmaker, and designer, in the 18th century. It features a funky 6-hour dial with only one hand, a certainly quirky and extra unique piece.

The Glashütte Original watch, a beautiful steel example, is an incredibly respectable and a bit surprising addition to this heavily sports collection. It demonstrates taste, style, and functionality that complements the watches in the collection and certainly adds diversity and sophistication.

Finally, (although I hate to simply agree with you, Nick), the Rolex GMT, ideally a reference 16750, is my top recommendation. It’s a gorgeous, historically significant piece that fits your style (dare I say it) perfectly.