In this week’s collection review, Christian takes a look at the watch collection of Mr. George Clooney, an American actor who has been in a seemingly endless number of critically acclaimed films, and a few odd franchises along the way (looking at you, Batman & Robin). He is also a brand ambassador for Omega, which has certainly played a role in the formation of his collection. While it would take hours to get into each and every piece that Mr. Clooney has been seen wearing, we’re going to focus on three here. The first, an (at that point) unreleased Omega DeVille in white gold, a first for the line. He wore this watch on his wedding day, and what a better way to introduce it to the world. Next, we see a yellow gold Omega Speedmaster, worn in his film “Money Monster” (misstated by Christian as being “The Money Master”). This, along with his final piece, another DeVille, go to show just how important it is to Mr. Clooney to not only wear and represent Omega, but to do so in films where a piece by another brand would probably be more expected. Now THAT is how you act as a brand ambassador!