The Perfectly Balanced Collection of a Female Watch Geek

Article By: Logan Hannen

OCT 09, 2018

What is up, watchfam?! Today, we’re going to dive into the immaculately balanced two-piece collection of a watch geek named Lily.

Lily tells us that her family was never particularly big into watches, and that for a long time, neither was she. In fact, her only form of wristwear for a stretch was her Apple Watch, which, as she puts it, was the perfect all rounder for living and working in Southern California since it went with nearly everything. On this, she and I definitely agree – the Apple Watch, for all of it’s issues, has brought strap culture to the mainstream and demonstrated how versatile a single “timepiece” can be with the right strap, and I think that’s definitely worth commending. If you want to hear more about that, check out our video about it. That aside, she did eventually land on a first “serious” watch, and it’s one I’m personally head over heels for…

The Cartier Tank Louis Cartier 100th Anniversary Edition is probably the purest Tank incarnation I can think of, while also being one of the most sophisticated. This is a piece that both knows where it’s come from and, more importantly, knows where it is in the here and now, and it looks perfectly proportioned for Lily’s wrist. She picked it up after desiring a Tank, but a mechanical one and, as luck would have it, this release was timed rather perfectly with that existential dilemma. The purchase of this piece was, as Lily called it, a “watershed moment,” when all of a sudden the levee broke and the passion poured out and, within just a month, she was off for her next piece. And boy, what a doozie this one is…

With the quintessential dress piece already in the arsenal, Lily felt it only right to next pursue the quintessential sports watch and, though this is a subject that can be debated ad nauseum, Lily ultimately decided that, for her needs, that piece was the Patek Philippe Nautilus 7118-1A, the 27mm diameter ladies’ version of the legendary Nautilus. Not much else to really be said about this one – it’s a super classic and, in Lily’s case, is again perfectly proportioned for her wrist.

The Suggestions
So, Lily, you have some pretty stringent conditions for your next watch, and I have serious respect for that because I, on the contrary, do not, and end up perpetually conflicted. You said your biggest concern though was wrist real estate or, really, the lack thereof. On those grounds, and given how well that 27mm Nautilus fits, I’ve got a couple of ideas.

Rolex Datejust 31 ref. 178240
Source: Rolex

I don’t think the appearance of a Datejust on this list should come as a surprise to anyone at this point, but I’ve gone specifically for the Datejust 31 with the blue dial, smooth bezel, and Oyster bracelet. The reason for this is really simple – your other condition was no bling, and everything about the fluted bezel and Jubilee bracelet of the more iconic Datejust models, especially the modern ones, just makes them too blingy for their own good. This model, however, with its classic blue dial and look that is equal parts sporty and classy is just the right balance for your already well balanced collection. That being said, I couldn’t resist an oddball pick as well…

Breguet Horloger De La Marine 588BA12A90
Source: Govberg

The Breguet Horloger De La Marine is a bit of an oddball in that it appears Breguet doesn’t actually make this exact variation anymore (in fact, all of their current small sized versions of the La Marine line feature gems and precious metals which, as we know, violate the bling factor). However, this version is a 26mm white gold case featuring the classic Breguet coin-edged case design and sharp, straight lugs. It’s automatic and functions as a sort of hybrid, much like the Datejust, between a sport and dress watch. Since Breguet is single-handedly responsible for most of the major horological innovations or inventions we take for granted today (see: the self-winding movement, tourbillon, and perpetual calendar), they’re basically the legacy watchmaker to end all legacy watchmakers. Certainly no slouch in a collection featuring Cartier (the brand to introduce the first purpose-built wristwatch ever) and Patek Philippe, the king of the Holy Trinity.

Alright, Lily, so those are my picks for you. I’d love to hear your thoughts on my suggestions and what you ultimately choose to add next. For all the rest of you geeks out there, feel free to send in your collections as well and, as always, keep it classy, watchfam.