In this week’s collection review, Christian takes a look at the collection of a geek by the name of Timmy which, according to Christian (and I tend to agree) is AWESOME.

In 2016, Timmy bought his first watch, a black dial, black bezel, Super Case Rolex GMT Master II. The logic behind this purchase is certainly interesting and, to a large extent, I tend to agree. The Submariner, classic as it may be, just lacks that little bit of something extra that the GMT manages to make up for while maintaining essentially the same visual presence. To make up for the easily scratched polished center links of the GMT bracelet, Timmy acquired a new watch in 2017.

That piece is the Hulk Submariner, a watch that takes the Sub concept and elevates it some by giving it an extra bit of pizzazz that helps it to truly stand out from the other Submariner offerings. As per Timmy, there’s something incredibly about being able to own two incredibly classic Rolex Oyster case watches, especially two of that caliber (pun intended). But it doesn’t end there – no, next, Timmy bought himself what many consider to be the ULTIMATE dress watch: the Patek Philippe Calatrava 5196R. So where does Timmy go from here? If you ask Christian, its an AP Royal Oak ref. 15300, the 39mm offering that, if you ask us, will fit Timmy infinitely better and be the most in line with what Mr. Genta intended when he designed the watch originally.