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Christian reviews a watchgeek, David’s, watch collection and gives him suggestion for a WEDDING WATCH!

Weiss Standard Field Watch
The Weiss was David’s first. It’s a fairly simple watch. The Weiss brand employed universally appealing, sporty design, in a clean way. The sapphire case back showing off the ETA movement really impressed David, in a way that a lot of beginning watch enthusiasts first become intrigued. For that reason, this is a fantastic “beginners” watch.

Grandfather’s Omega
What a cool story – it’s a small, beautiful, timeless watch with the most sentimental of stories. Keep this around – this Omega is a blessing.

Hand-Made Watch Box
David’s fiancé and her father made this watch box for him. It’s a beautiful home to his collection and a great reminder of family.

King Seiko 45-7000
It is a wonderfully unique watch – it came out of 1969, where manufacturers didn’t watches with this design, generally.

Our Pick: Vintage Girard-Perregaux
David’s fiancé wants to gift David a watch on the day of their wedding and the budget is $1,500. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS, David and props to your fiancé for supporting your passion!

Vintage Girard-Perregaux is ORIGINAL in hands, numerals, design, while being absolutely respectable in build and mechanics. Go for it – 1960 Girard-Perregaux.

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