Ellen Degeneres SURPRISE Casio Watch!

RANT&H | JUNE 05, 2019

Today, Christian dives into Ellen Degeneres’ surprise gift to Mark Wahlberg, a CASIO. Celebrities, of course, have a major impact on the watch industry – or, at least, they can, if used correctly. No matter how big George Clooney’s face gets outside of the Holland Tunnel, we’re not any more or less inclined to buy an Omega for it. Why? Because it doesn’t sell ME a watch, it simply shows me that George Clooney wears one.

The best way to use a celebrity to sell watches is to find celebrities that can speak passionately and, more importantly, informed about any given subject, in this case watches. On the Ellen show the other day, she gifted Mark Wahlberg a watch, but not something inherently extravagant as would be typical for her, but instead a Casio Calculator watch. The watch is $25, and what it created was a moment on her show, watched by millions, that presented the hobby as a viable subject matter to everyone watching.