FIRST RULE of Buying Watches

RANT&H | JUNE 10, 2019

In today’s episode, Christian dives into the very first thing you should consider when looking to pick up a watch, along with five other questions from our YouTube comments section!

Did Rolly give Christian money to start T&H?
Nope, but we’re sure he wishes he did now.

Are we going to be visiting any cities beyond NYC?
We’re planning a nationwide tour of pop-up events and other fun things across the US.

Best value in watches under $5k?
NOMOS and Grand Seiko, for sure.

Most important factor when buying a watch?
Frankly, it’s whether or not you actually like it. If you’re not personally attracted to and passionate about the watch, then the staying power simply won’t be there. It’s not about what the market tells you about a specific watch – it’s about what your heart tells you about it instead.

Royal Oak or Nautilus?
From a respect point of view, the Royal Oak is the watch that, in many ways, saved luxury watches by making steel a luxury metal for the first time. The Nautilus, by extension, is sort of the second generation Royal Oak – both being Genta designed, many of the same principles are there, but the design also feels just different enough that it becomes really a matter of taste and (frankly) availability.

Best first Rolex?
The Datejust – an obvious pick from us, but even empirically the watch is just a powerhouse of value and versatility that is impossible to match from many other options in the Rolex lineup, modern or vintage.