At just 27 years old, Cyril Brivet-Naudot has officially finished production of his first timepiece. The grandson and great-grandson of watchmakers, Mr. Brivet-Naudot has been restoring and otherwise repairing vintage pieces for a number of years now, which he does without the aid of much modern technology. His preference for the old, classic ways of watchmaking can also be seen in his first unique piece.

Brivet-Naudot Wristwatch
Source: Brivet-Naudot

That piece, simply known as the “Brivet-Naudot,” is currently the only piece to have been designed and produced by its namesake. It took three years to complete, and was designed and built entirely without CNC (computer numerical control) machining technology. As far as specs are concerned, we’re looking at a 39mm steel case and an alligator strap. When it comes to the movement, this is the point of most intrigue.

The Brivet-Naudot w/ key-set and wound movement
Source: SJX Watches

As the above photo describes, the piece is indeed crownless in the traditional sense. Instead, it is wound and set using a key, in a fashion completely reminiscent of vintage pocket watches. It also features a completely proprietary escapement, called libre excentrique, or “free eccentric”. It closely resembles what is known as a detent escapement, an escapement known for being more precise than a traditional lever escapement, though it is not exactly that either.

The Damage

Each of Mr. Brivet-Naudot’s pieces are made to order and entirely unique. As such, pricing will vary, but begins somewhere around the $70,700USD mark, and are available only from Mr. Brivet-Naudot directly.