Ultraman is Back! Introducing the Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday 2 “Ultraman”

Jul 17, 2018

Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday 2 “Ultraman”
Source: Omega

Omega’s most iconic piece, the Speedmaster Professional, has a fresh set of duds thanks to this second collaboration with Fratello Watches in the form of the Speedy Tuesday 2 (ST2) “Ultraman.”

In 1968, Omega released a Speedmaster with an orange chronograph seconds hand. Or at least, the community thinks they did. Frankly, the true nature of this vintage piece is a bit of a fascinating mystery, according to Fratello founder Robert-Jan Broer, but what is certain is one of these limited number models did turn up in a Japanese science fiction show called The Return of Ultraman (released in 1971).

The Return of Ultraman Promotional Still
Source: Den Of Geek

It is for this reason, and this reason alone it seems, that the piece was gifted the moniker of the Speedy “Ultraman,” and with this new collaboration between Omega and Fratello, the orange second hand has made its triumphant return. Along with the orange second hand, there are a few new additions to help this modern update feel like a piece unto itself.

The rest of the dial features a number of other orange accents, along with a unique added party trick on the 9 o’clock subdial – a drawing of Ultraman’s helmet, which can only be seen by UV light (there is one included on the end of the strap changing tool in the box). In addition, the piece features the so-called DON (“dot over ninety”) bezel, a feature on Speedmasters from pre-1970 wherein a white dot was positioned over the number 90 on the tachymetric bezel.

The ST2 Ultraman’s DON bezel
Source: Fratello Watches

With respect to mechanics, there isn’t anything revolutionary inside of the ST2 “Ultraman” – it runs the standard Moonwatch caliber 1861, the manually wound caliber flight cleared by NASA. It comes packaged in what can only be described as…well, you need to see it for yourself:

Omega ST2 Ultraman’s Packaging

Designed to riff on the science-fiction nature of the show, the “Ultraman’s” packaging definitely sets it apart from other Speedmaster Professionals.

The Damage:
Not that it matters, since all 2,012 of these pieces have been claimed already, but –


You can add yourself to the waiting list should one become available here.

Logan’s Take:
Okay, so let’s clear something up right away – orange is my favorite color and has been since I was in elementary school. So to see the classic Speedy Professional with the addition of a number of orange accents is a geeky pipe dream come true, especially used the way they are here.

Beyond that, I’m also a sci-fi geek (really, a geek in general), so even though I’ve never seen Ultraman before, something about the sort of willing acknowledgement of this now relatively obscure pop culture connection is just really refreshing to see from a brand.

The only thing I’m not fond of is the UV Ultraman on the sub-seconds dial. It’s cool as a gimmick and all, but that’s exactly what it feels like – and for $7k, I don’t want to look at my watch and even remotely think something about it is needlessly cutesie. I think they should have been bolder with their use of the Ultraman helmet, made it orange for sure, and either stuck it on the 6 o’clock subdial or, if they wanted to get really clever, on the crown. The UV seems clever at first, but I’m hit with the sense that they’re also semi-hiding it by doing it that way, and while that plays thematically with the idea of the show, it doesn’t translate as well to a luxury watch. Otherwise, I want one, and that’s about the highest praise I can give a timepiece.