IWC Launches a New Manufacture for Watch Movements

Article By: Logan Hannen

Aug 29, 2018

In 2018, Schaffhausen giants IWC are celebrating their 150th birthday, and in addition to a jubilee collection of pieces from across their range, the brand is also launching a brand new manufacture location through which movements will be created, from conception to production.

Officially dubbed “ManufakturZentrum,” the facility is designed to be something not just all inclusive for everything but a select few bits of production (casing, testing, and complications will remain in Schaffhausen), but also to be state of the art in as many ways as possible. At 13,500 square meters, the facility will not only manage the production and creation of movements, but also the production of cases.

ManufakturZentrum’s Reception Area
Source: SJX Watches

IWC CEO Chris Grainger-Herr, an architect himself, spoke of the design and how it was designed not just with functionality in mind, but with creating optimal working conditions as well as conditions for visitors that were unrivaled in the Swiss watch industry. The facility is also built to allow visitors open access to the production process from start to finish thanks to the addition of glass walls surrounding the production areas.

One of the Production Rooms
Source: IWC

Additionally, the facility is designed to be environmentally friendly, drawing on as much sustainable energy as possible. This includes, much like the brand headquarters in Schaffhausen, the use of hydroelectric power, which is, interestingly, the same way the original production facility was powered 150 years ago.

The Damage:
Well, seeing as it’s a building, there isn’t any on your end, but I can’t even begin to imagine what IWC’s wallet looks like after this one.

Anna’s Take:
If a customer is considering spending a large sum of money, presentation is extremely important – (this isn’t a novel idea.) IWC’s investment in sustainable energy and transparency is what I find more interesting and significant. When someone goes in for a large purchase, subtle sways like that affect the likelihood you are to purchase the piece itself, (by convincing you of the brand’s quality, luxury, status, etc). More importantly, if a company adheres to what its customers find valuable, intriguing – causes they would be proud to stand behind, it makes the purchase of the watch that much more appealing. And based on this promotion, it seems the environment is better for workers as well. “Oh, wow. That’s a really nice watch.” “Thank you! It’s IWC – did you know that they allow everyone to view their process? They’re totally transparent about it. And their manufacture is eco-friendly. How cool is that?” Now, you didn’t just drop a couple grand on a watch, you invested in the environment. Right?