The TRIWA x Humanium Metal Initiative collection is a line of pieces that is relatively new (read: their Kickstarter campaign runs through August 3rd), but unique at the same time and in a way that is most certainly distinct in the space of Kickstarter Microbrands.

The timepiece in question is technically a series of timepieces, the TRIWA x Humanium Metal Initiative collection. TRIWA is a Swedish brand, founded in 2007 by four friends (who, as their website is keen to specify, still work together and are still friends after nearly a decade), whose name stands for “TRansform the Industry of WAtches” according to their “About Us” section. This model line in particular comes out of a partnership with IM Swedish Development Partner, a non-profit organization that purchases seized and destroyed illegal firearms from countries and cultures where conflict is prevalent, and then melts them down to create what they’ve dubbed “Humanium Metal.” This metal is then molded and refined further by TRIWA, and finally the timepiece is assembled.

TRIWA Business Model
Source: TRIWA Kickstarter

As for the watch itself, it comes in two case sizes, a 34mm and a 39mm, and either case size comes with two dial options – white or metallic gray. Both dials feature a so-called “sandwich” construction, which is to say the main place of the dial has been applied atop another dial comprised exclusively of luminescent paint. There is a date wheel at the three o’clock position, done in a fiery red color to match the seconds hand and the end of the crown.

TRIWA x Humanium Metal Initiative

The Damage

Hu34 (34mm case) – $227 – $300
Hu39 (39mm case) – $227 – $300
Hu39-DA (39mm, automatic) – $470 – $634.50

*All prices in USD. Kickstarter pledge prices listed – retail will be 35% higher (indicated in italics)

Logan’s Take

All right geeks, so here’s the deal – I am in love with the idea of this piece. My personal reasons aside, what it shows to me is a huge commitment to doing something freaking different. We’ve heard time and time again about brand after brand trying to “disrupt the watch industry” or such similar BS, but this is the first brand I’ve come across who don’t want to disrupt and destroy it – rather, they want to “transform” it which I think roughly translates to “raising people’s awareness about where their pieces come from.”

Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but it feels like TRIWA are attempting to create a deeper connection not just between timepiece and owner, but between owner and every single person whose hands contributed to the making of the timepiece in question. They want you to understand how your case was made and, especially with this release, why it was made the way it was. To choose destroyed illegal firearms that were confiscated from countries and zones in the middle of some prolonged conflict is a very deliberate choice. It’s a choice that says “Listen, while you enjoy your watch and the lifestyle that enables you to enjoy it, do not forget that the rest of the world is not so lucky. Always be grateful.”

And frankly, if that isn’t their intention, then I think TRIWA needs to hire me as their new head of marketing, because that should totally be their intention.