Hands-on Vintage! Rolex Submariner, GMT-Master, Cartier & More

Looking at a few of our favorite vintage pieces up close!
December 03, 2019

Looking at a few of our favorite vintage pieces up close! From Rolex sport to the thinnest, goldest dress watch, this episode goes into the history, detail, and beauty of each of these timeless vintage watches.

And they’re all available in the Theo & Harris Vintage Watch Shop.

First off we have a 16800 Rolex Submariner from the 1980s. This one, a transitional Sub that succeeded the 1680, arguably one of the most famous Submariner references, features a matte dial as opposed to the more common gloss dials from later years. Plus, it’s a total strap monster.

Next up we have an 18039 Day-Date in white gold. With what is perhaps the sportiest dress watches in existence, we have a superb Oyster case and a factory Rolex diamond dial to give it that extra level of refinement.

And now, a two-tone Cartier Santos Dumont, executed and both white and rose gold. It’s funky, obscure, and one of the coolest available.

Here we have a Tudor Prince Ref 9500, a blue dialed classic Oyster watch with its original bracelet. One of the most versatile pieces in existence, for sure, and one of those watches that can take whichever strap you put it on, and make it something truly special.

The Rolex GMT Master 1675 is one of the brand’s true icons. With an absolutely sublime Pepsi bezel, ever so slightly faded without going any wild colors just yet, and featuring a matte dial with custard tritium lume plots, it’s one for the record books.

Baume & Mercier is a brand that we often associate today with the entry-level end of the Swiss watch market, but the brand’s vintage offerings are some of the most interesting on the planet. This example, in yellow gold, pays clear tribute to the Piaget Polo, but with some more understated elements that capture a more wearable aesthetic.

The Vulcain Cricket is the final addition this week, and is the world’s first mechanical alarm watch. There isn’t much else to be said about this one beyond its incredible history and its stellar, classic design.

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