How To Wear A Cartier Tank

RANT&H | MAY 10, 2019

Today, we dive into three ways to wear a Cartier Tank!! The most classic way is in a more formal setting, the kind of place you’d wear an Oxford shirt, slacks, and a blazer. It helps to elevate the outfit just slightly and, if needed, can also serve to make it more casual.

Say that doesn’t quite work for you, though – you need to be more professional but in a less formal way. Take the Oxford shirt, wrinkle it up a bit and leave it untucked, and match it with some more casual khakis and a slip on shoe of some kind, and you still look like you mean business, but without looking overdone.

But how about even more casual than that? Grab an Oxford shirt that’s perhaps a bit too colorful or funky for the office, throw on a pair of light wash Levi’s, and a classic pair of Nikes, and it still looks wonderful (even if it isn’t exactly the look that the designers intended).