Check them out in the vintage watch shop before they go!

In this episode, Christian reviews three of the newest watches hitting the watch shop – a Tudor Date + Day with a bright blue dial, a Yema quartz watch, and a Rolex Oyster Date in yellow gold with a mosaic dial!

This example, a 100M diver, is a terrific example that company philosophy. Being quartz, its accuracy is unrivaled, its steel case is resilient and oversized, its dial and hands are luminous and its graduated bezel is ready for timing. Vintage sports watches don’t get much better than this, especially under $1,000.

Tudor Date-Day Ref. 94500
There is no dial more desirable in the vintage non-sport Rolex world than the blues. They’re beautiful, versatile, rare and, while fun enough for the daring, conservative enough for the restrained. In short, they’re the perfect storm.

So when we stumbled upon this, an original, raw Tudor Date Day with that elusive blue dial, we didn’t hesitate to jump. Beyond its intoxicating color, it’s an absolutely gem, too. It features a thick steel Rolex oyster case, workhorse Swiss ETA caliber, day in full text at 12 and date at 3. Frankly, it packs just as much (if not more) than its Rolex brethren and for a fraction of the cost. Sure, the ship for snatching a Tudor Snowflake from the bargain bin has sailed, but for some reason, the Date + Day ship is still docked. It’s the epitome of a “value prop,” a clear grandchild of the ever prestigious Rolex Day Date and our pleasure to offer here to you. Enjoy!

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date
To me, this just might be the perfect yellow gold Rolex – within relative affordability, that is.

It’s a vintage Rolex Date, reference 1501. It was manufactured in 1973 and cased in 14K yellow gold. It features an absolutely beautiful champagne mosaic dial, which, if rare and intricate dials are your thing, will blow your mind.