Christian reviews the six new watches hitting the watch shop, including Rolex Datejusts and Dates, a Tudor Oyster Prince, and more!!

Check them out in the vintage watch shop before they go!

This is a truly remarkable watch. Dating back to 1960, this Tudor Oyster Prince is not just a rare and collectable model but an exemplary example. It features a beautifully preserved steel oyster case, small rose logo, creamy white dial, custard alpha hands and matching markers all around. If you look closely, its dial is accented by some faint, toasted marshmallow colored patina; it’s called “radium burn.” This is a product of its radium-filled hands remaining sedentary for long periods of time (which would explain its overhaul immaculate condition) and in the vintage watch world, that makes for an amazing asset. To a Rolex geek like me, this is an absolute dream.

This is one of those Rolexes that I know I will always regret selling. It’s the kind of watch I’ll talk about over a few whiskeys with watch geeks, reminiscing on the past. It’s a Rolex Date Reference 1503, a seemingly average watch. But in its details, it’s a star. Its sharp, early engine turned bezel and original jubilee bracelet lay classic and historical groundwork for this early 1960’s reference but its the dial that steals the show.

In the world of vintage Rolex, dials are king. And blue Rolex dials are (just about) at the top of that food chain. How’d they earn that spot at the top? They’re beautiful, versatile, rare and, while fun enough for the daring, conservative enough for the restrained. In short, they’re the perfect storm. Have a look at this Oysterdate – it’s just stunning, isn’t it? In size, it’s substantial without overwhelming. In condition, it’s about as sharp and raw as any Rolex geek would ever hope for. And, as I mentioned before, in color, it’s a home run.

With roots back into the 19th century, Mido is unquestionably a heritage brand. Still, it wasn’t until they introduced their Multifort in 1934 that the brand evolved into a well respected manufacturer. This new model was one of the only of its time to be waterproof, antimagnetic and shock resistant. So no, this isn’t just a sharp, stainless steel, beautifully patina’d radium wristwatch, it’s one with heritage, one deserving of great admiration and I couldn’t be more proud but to be offering it here for you!

Have you ever seen this dial before? It’s a ghosty grey color, only the second I’ve ever seen and definitely one of the most beautiful. Its matte finish, paired with the light color that makes the text almost invisible and, in a see of lookalikes, this is an original. This example, with its crispy steel case, tasteful white gold fluted bezel and beautiful (and oh so rare) ghost dial further proves that less is more and there is still, after all of those years, value in vintage Rolex. This is one of my favorite watches and I know it’ll never disappoint.