Check them out in the vintage watch shop before they go!

In this episode, Christian reviews the newest watches hitting the watch shop – a Rolex Datejust Reference 1600, A Gilt Rolex Air King & An Omega Seamaster!

Rolex Air King “Gilt”
This is a vintage Rolex Ref 5500, it dates to 1958 and it’s one of the most significant Rolexes I have ever owned. It features a remarkable gilt dial, gold alpha hands and incredibly funky hour indices – its cased in a steel oyster and its smooth bezel gives it a beautifully casual vibe. Its vignette aesthetic, its marbled black dial, is a natural product of light wear and consistent exposure to the sun. Diving deeper, take a look at all of the text – it’s not in white or black, but a golden color. It’s called “gilt” and its arguable the rarest and most desirable Rolex dial to ever be manufactured. Typically found on Submariners and GMTs and priced well over 50k, it’s an honor to offer a piece of that same history for a fraction of the price.

Omega Seamaster
A 50’s Seamaster was the first watch I ever loved. At the time, I couldn’t point to exactly why but in retrospect, it’s so clear. I mean, look at this example – from its raw steel case and broad dauphine hands to it matching, sharp indices and clean print, it has so much to examine. Whether novice or 30 year watch veteran, the quality of construction and integrity of design demonstrated during this era of Omega is glaringly obvious. And if all of that isn’t enough, take a second to admire its dial. Originally silver, it has aged to a gorgeous pink and I couldn’t be more taken by it.

Rolex Reference 1600
Foremost, its a reference 1600 which, off the bat, makes it an uncommon variation of the classic Datejust. And because of the slick informality and versatility the smooth steel bezel gives the entire aesthetic, it’s a sought after one, too. But while that rare bezel is undeniably beautiful, the dial is the showstopper here. Not only does it feature a sigma stamp at 6 – an beloved oddball detail signifying the utilization of a precious metal, presumably white gold – but one of the most remarkable dials I’ve ever seen. In some lights, it seems grey. In others, olive. And sometimes, it even radiates a havana brown color. This 1600 is a watch that needs to be held to be truly appreciated, I’ll tell you that.