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Christian reviews the 6 vintage Tudor & Rolex Oyster watches hitting the Theo&Harris Watch Shop!

Check them all out in the vintage watch shop before they go!

Tudor Oyster Prince Ref. 8965
I love this. I mean, it’s right up my alley. Its the kind of watch that I could see in my own collection. This vintage Tudor Oyster Prince, with its glossy black dial and smooth bezel to its shockingly beautiful alpha hands, it’s an absolutely winner. Backing up, the vintage Tudor market is on fire, and rightfully so. It’s finally being recognized for the tremendous value it brings consumers for a fraction of the price Rolex does and, to me, that’s incredibly exciting. The small rose, the smooth bezel, the silver dial – it’s all there. It’s the perfect storm of rarity, refinement and versatility, just imagine it on your wrist.

Rolex Datejust Ref.1601
See those beautifully shaped hands? They aren’t standard, and they have a name – alpha. As opposed to standard “stick” hands, they have a fuller body and pointed tips which leave an extremely funky element about the aesthetic. Beyond that, they also make this 1960’s variant one of the most desirable under-the-radar Datejusts on the market.

Tudor Date-Day
This is an historic opportunity. We’re living in a market that values mint vintage Tudor Date + Day’s less than polished and stained Rolex Datejusts. This example, with its razor sharp steel Rolex oyster case, workhorse Swiss ETA caliber, flawless blue sunburst dial, day in full text at 12 and date at 3 packs just as much (if not more) punch than its Rolex brethren for a fraction of the cost. Sure, the ship for snatching a Tudor Snowflake from the bargain bin has sailed, but for some reason, the Date + Day ship is still docked. It’s the epitome of a “value prop,” a clear grandchild of the ever prestigious Rolex Day Date and our pleasure to offer here to you. Enjoy!

Tudor Prince Oysterdate Jumbo
This Prince Oysterdate is the perfect storm of size, style, history and price. At 38mm, its the perfect modern Datejust – believe it or not, those extra two millimeters do wonders for larger wrists. Further, the Tudor brand itself is at the bedrock of horological history, from Monte Carlo to Snowflake. Their modern rebirth has rejuvenated their vintage market and frankly, it was about time. Yet still, even with the recent public praise of these vintage Tudors, most of their models remain undervalued. Sure, the ship for snatching a Tudor Snowflake from the bargain bin has sailed, but for some reason, the Jumbo Oysterdate ship is still docked.

Rolex Air King
The Air King, a brother of the since defund Air Giant, Air Lion and Air Tiger lines, was created during WWII to honor RAF pilots. Since, it’s been through some weird phases and awkward moments but this reference 14010, with its oyster bracelet and engine turned bezel is a beauty.

Backing up, it’s a vintage Rolex – one of the few material items that you can realistically acquire, wear proudly, enjoy for the rest of your life and, when the day comes, pass down to the next generation to do the same. A watch like this is never out of place – from scotch and soda on a NATO to boring C-suite meetings on a cordovan strap, it never fails to serve you well, impressing the tasteful. But dialing back in, this Air King is not only built like a tank, but in immaculate condition and fully serviced. I couldn’t be happier but to be offering it here for you!

Rolex Datejust Ref. 1601
It took me nearly three years to acquire my first two tone Rolex Datejust in pink gold. I had owned hundreds and handled almost thousands of vintage Datejusts and still, original pink gold eluded me. So when I managed to land my first, I sold it to a dear friend – I needed to keep it close. My second went to a loyal T&H client with an incredible passion for Datejusts. I am extremely proud to say that this is the third I’ve found to date.

Let me explain the allure here. Pink gold variants are not just rarer watches, they are (to many) more attractive. Beside a standard two tone, the pink gives off a markedly subtler look that helps the watch fly right under the radar.