An “in the metal” look at the newest vintage watches hitting the Theo & Harris vintage watch shop!

ROLEX 1601
This Rolex Datejust, with its crispy steel case, rich white gold fluted bezel, stunning linen dial and original jubilee bracelet further proves that less is more and there is still, after all of those years, value in vintage Rolex. This is one of my favorite watches and I know it’ll never disappoint.

In the universe of dials, two reign king – gilt and honeycomb. And even those who spend their lives sorting, sifting and acquiring vintage watches aren’t lucky enough to stumble upon them more than a handful of times. So yes, the mere idea that I have found, and can now offer, a vintage Omega Seamaster with a beautiful honeycomb dial is chilling. To zoom out a bit, it also features a gold capped case and flawless Omega 501 automatic caliber. Together, it is truly a farm fresh example.

This vintage Powermatic in steel, is certainly no exception. In fact, it’s one of the most attractive LeCoultre’s I’ve ever owned – in both design and concept. See the red window at 12? That’s a power reserve indicator and it lets its owner (and the world) know exactly how wound it is and how much longer it will run, without being charged. Since it is an automatic watch and you’d never run out of power with it on the wrist, the function itself isn’t nearly as useful as it is interesting but still, it’s something that separates this watch from the pack. it makes it all the more complicated, beautiful and desirable.

In the watch world, we lose sight of what a dollar means and what it should return us – this Waltham does the opposite. It features independently bold design elements like a cushion case and an incredibly bold dial to create a totally unique aesthetic. Is it versatile? Maybe not. But its a bold, beautiful and ever reliable watch I could only imagine on the wrist of someone enjoying the hell out of life.

Beautiful, isn’t it? It has all of the appeal of the Datejusts we know and love but this time executed in the most unobtrusive and yet still substantial case we could imagine – perfect for the wrist of a truly tasteful woman. Complete with its original two tone jubilee and a flawless white Roman dial, we’re incredibly proud to be offering this vintage Datejust to you here!!

Have a look at this, a beautifully refined and understated automatic dress watch with fine, straight steel lugs, a large silver dial, elongated stick hands and that incredible “International Watch Company” signature at 12. And, if all of that isn’t enough, there’s the slightest bit of speckling to the dial – just another detail that would drive anyone madly in love.

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