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I’m extremely interested in the vintage Zenith market. Their watches have consistently represented traditional Swiss quality but, luckily for us, their brand lives just under the major luxury players like Rolex and Jaeger LeCoultre. Simply, their quality surpasses their price point. Their chronographs have seen incredible increase in value and it’s just a matter of time before everything bearing the Zenith name is recognized for what it is – horological awesomeness.

Rolex Datejust Ref 1601
This example, with its crispy steel case, warm yellow gold fluted bezel and stunning ,ate grey dial further proves that less is more and there is still, after all of those years, value in vintage Rolex. This is one of my favorite watches and I know it’ll never disappoint.

Rolex Date Ref. 1500
Have a look at this Oyster Perpetual Date – it’s just stunning, isn’t it? In size, it’s substantial without overwhelming. In condition, it’s about as sharp and raw as any Rolex geek would ever hope for. And, as I mentioned before, in color it’s a home run. But the homers don’t end there; the dial isn’t just blue but heightened by a mosaic pattern throughout. It gives tremendous texture to the aesthetic (especially in the natural sun) and to Rolex geeks, that’s a big deal.

Omega Chronostop
The Omega Chronostop is, without question, one of the most underrated watches the vintage world. Not only is it a manually wound mono-pusher chronograph manufactured by one of the most well respected brands of all time but its executed in a completely unique form. The caliber 856 that powers the Chronostop was designed for drivers; with a mechanism that immediately resets the second hand after being stopped, it’s perfect for timing their short, speedy events in succession.

There was a time when Longines was mentioned in the same breathes as Patek Philippe, Movado and Audemars Piguet. From the 13ZN, arguably the best chronograph ever made, to the time only UltraChron, they earned their spot at the top and this watch is a piece of that rich history. With its crisp steel case and wonderfully robust Longines manually wound movement, it’s the kind of watch that makes it glaringly obvious why Longines is regarded so highly.

Omega Chronostop
A little about the Chronostop: it’s designed for race car drivers; with a mechanism that immediately resets the second hand after being stopped, it’s perfect for timing their short, speedy events in succession. And yes, as you might have heard, it has some watch world provenance as well! Its prior owner, Federico of Federico Talks Watches was kind enough to offer this magnificent piece to us!

Bulova Oceanographer Jumbo
Not only was it manufactured by one of my favorite American watch houses but it takes major queues from my favorite watch of all time – the Rolex Datejust reference 1601. And, while the Rolex will always be king in my heart, this Bulova Oceanographer actually might have a leg up on it. Its size, at 38mm, brings a significant presence on the wrist that so many people beg for out of the vintage Datejust. So not only does it bring the clean oyster-like case, date at 3 and fluted bezel from Rolex but the size which makes it all the more desirable in the modern context. Incredible, isn’t it?

Universal Geneve Polerouter
This example, defined by its beautifully wide twisted lugs, dauphine hands and silver bullseye dial is exemplary. It is, without question, one of the most painfully undervalued watches on the market and we couldn’t be more proud to be offering it here for you!