Christian reviews the newest Rolexes, Tudors, Omegas, & more in the vintage watch shop!

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Tudor Prince Oysterdate
Let’s talk about this example: First, it’s a vintage Tudor – it represents a relatively early stage of a brand that has become an icon. Next, it’s a Prince Oysterdate, a beautifully refined expression of the famous Rolex waterproof steel design. A little closer, it features an engine turned bezel, a hugely desirable detail because of the roughness it gives the entire aesthetic. Frankly, an original oyster case paired with a mint silver sunburst dial needs no assistance to gain my approval. But, maybe call it gluttonous, but the seriously rare (and equally beautiful) linen dial just hits the spot – it separates this watch from the pack and, well, it’s gorgeous.

Rolex Oysterdate Ref. 6694
It’s the perfect demonstration of why the classic Rolex formula is so satisfying. If you think about it, there isn’t too much going on here, just a simple steel case and silver dial. But those minimalist elements have been perfected – the oyster case is both substantial and refined, arguably the most iconic case design of all time. The silver dial is textured with a stunning sunburst pattern and accented by plump, original lume plots behind each marker. Like the other details, these dots of tritium might not seem all too important but in the world of vintage Rolex, its stuff like this that makes all of the difference. It’s why even the simplest of Rolexes remain some of the worlds most coveted watches.

Rolex Date 1503
It’s a Rolex Date, reference 1503. It was manufactured in 1977 and cased in 14K yellow gold. It features an absolutely beautiful matte champagne sigma dial, which, if rare dials are your thing, will make you quite giddy.

Rolex Datejust 1601
It features a very crispy steel oyster case, flawless matte dial and original Rolex jubilee bracelet. It’s everything a vintage Rolex is supposed to be: versatile, durable, rich and understated. This is one of my favorite watches and I know it’ll never disappoint.

The design is as balanced as it is isolating. It’s clear, this watch is not for everyone. But if you (or your wife) appreciate the detailing to the white gold case, the sunburst pattern of the dial, the historic importance of the Jaeger LeCoultre name and the obvious quality of its build like I do, this watch is a dream to own.

Omega Seamaster
Take a second to admire this beautiful example, an Omega Seamaster – its rose gold dauphine hands perfectly match its hour markers, two tone dial makes for a deep, unique aesthetic and to top it all off, its crown is the original Omega! It’s the kind of piece that could never, and will never lose its desirability. I mean, how cool is that?

Hamilton W10
Military watches are extremely cool, in my opinion and representative of impressive history. They also happen to be extremely tastefully designed – this one features a matte black dial, beautifully aged luminous hour markers, including a triangle at 12, and a balanced an interesting dial. It’s not cluttered, no frills, just pure function – and it’s refreshing to see that.