Jacob & Co, Lange’s Odysseus, Celebrity Watch Collections & More

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November 14, 2019

Thoughts on Jacob & Co.? They’re a relatively new brand, mostly the brand for rappers for a very long time. However, as time has gone on, the brand has moved into some incredibly technical high complications (tourbillons, etc). There is a lot of artistic validity in them now.

Thoughts on the Heuer Monaco Gulf? To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Monaco, TAG have released a new Monaco with the iconic Gulf stripes and logo on the dial to celebrate the connection with Steve McQueen. For Christian, the design is a bit gratuitous, while Anna loves it.

Thoughts on Dive Watches on Leather Straps? Simple answer – if you think it looks good, and you’re comfortable wearing it, then go for it. Do we think that they should be sold default on them? No, not really, since they should always come stock on a waterproof strap of some kind, but as a personal stylistic choice? Absolutely.

Are Bubblebacks Coming Back? There was a time when the Rolex Bubbleback couldn’t be given away because of the big watch trend, but in recent years, as brands have started to scale back their sizing, these kinds of watches have also come back into style. That all being said, once again, wear what you like.

So What About Lange’s Odysseus? According to those who have studied the brand, the watch is Lange from top to bottom, from start to finish. The name, however? It doesn’t really fit the typical Lange naming scheme, and makes the watch stand out a bit more than it should. And then there’s the bracelet, which most of us can agree on is not particularly great.

Favorite Famous Watch Collections? For Anna, Matt Jacobson’s Talking Watches collection is just perfect, and his one in, one out policy is something impressive all around. For Christian, it’s guys like Alessandro Squarzi and Ed Sheeran that truly get to him.

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