Jaeger LeCoultre Surpasses Their Contemporaries
with a New 8 Year Warranty

Article By: Logan Hannen


The “watchmaker’s watchmaker,” Jaeger LeCoultre, has announced a brand new initiative, offering a warranty program that surpasses all of their contemporaries, including the likes of Rolex and Omega.

The length of warranty a watchmaker offers has been viewed, historically, as a display of faith the manufacture has in the durability and longevity of their watches. Typically, the longer the warranty period, the longer they imagine that the watch will go before anything goes wrong and, to prove this, they offer to cover certain issues/defects for that period. The insinuation here is that nothing will go wrong during that time, hence the willingness to foot the bill.

The industry standard warranty period is 2 years, while several brands do offer more than that. Rolex, for example, offers a 5 year warranty program, something also echoed by Omega and Breitling. The 5 year warranty, however, has been the longest time frame offered by any of the major brands until now, with Jaeger LeCoultre’s new program.

The new JLC Care Program is not an automatic warranty period, which is to say that clients must register for this program after purchase. However, the program is free to join, and offers a few, select perks that enhance the overall experience beyond simply the extended warranty period.

JLC Care Program Landing Page

These additional services include a dedicated advice/FAQ section specific to each timepiece, along with a number of digital tools geared towards general care, as well as personalisation of your watch. The program also offers in-person perks at JLC boutiques, such as enhanced access to mechanical checks, testing, and additionally engravings, all of which were options before but now are included with the Care Program.

When it comes to the fine print, Jaeger LeCoultre themselves notes that the Care Program simply extends the coverage offered by the “International Limited Warranty.” The contents of the International Limited Warranty are relatively standard, covering only manufacturing defects and not any issues that result from misuse, abuse, or accidents involving your watch. It is voided by any unauthorized (read: non-JLC) repairs or modifications.

The Damage
As a free program for clients of Jaeger LeCoultre, there is no price for the service. Additionally, existing owners of JLC timepieces can register their watches for the program, provided their watches are still covered under their initial two year warranty period. It is unclear whether this will increase the prices of their watches, though doing so would certainly be antithetical to the intent of this program in the first place.

The Takeaway
The idea of a warranty program has always been a bit of a weird thing for me, partly because the fine print and discretion associated with what is and isn’t actually covered is such a gray area, especially from brand to brand. However, JLC is clearly attempting to not only enhance the relationship they have with their clients, but also put their money where their mouth is, so to speak. Offering a longer warranty period than your contemporaries is not inherently a bold move, but to trump the current highest (Rolex, of all brands) by not one, but three years, is definitely a big one. As an unabashed JLC fan, I very much appreciate the message here, and it’s nice to know that they’re not oblivious to just how good they really are. A little self-awareness goes a long way in this industry, after all.