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In this week’s episode of LIQUOR RUN, Christian and Rolly dive into a Rolex Day-Date homage from perhaps the last company you’d ever expect – Mido.

Now, the Rolex Day-Date is, without question, an undying classic of watchmaking. It’s become, over the years, one of the most iconic watches, to non-watch geeks as well, thanks to its turn in films and television shows.

It’s also an easy watch to homage. It’s a relatively simple design, all things considered, and features very few things that set it apart as a Rolex (the fluted bezel, the placement of the day window, and the Oyster case being the big ones). Beyond that, it’s a simple watch, albeit one that packs a ton of value.

Enter the Mido Commander – when this entered the shop, we couldn’t take our eyes off of it. For me, it was the dial, that shimmering pseudo-salmon color that plays so beautifully with the light. For Christian, it was how thin it was, and how differently it wears from your standard Oyster case. Mido, as a brand, is not as well known as it probably should be – they’ve been at the forefront of some incredible innovations in the wristwatch world.

We also quickly dive into a beautiful vintage blue dialed Rolex date featuring an engine turned bezel. Blue dials are so desirable because, in my opinion, of their versatility. They can be both dressy and casual even on the same strap, and it’s just impossible to beat.