In this episode, Christian and Rolly crack open some over-chilled Regaleali Rose and talk about two particularly exemplary vintage watches.

The first watch from the shop that we dive into is a Universal Geneve Polerouter, a watch designed by the mighty Gerald Genta before he was even semi-famous. The piece was designed as a tribute to the Polerouter flight, and has become, in short, an icon of a brand.

The second piece is a Rolex Day Date, a truly funky example with what can only be described as a sort of “murky” gold case. While the origin of this kind of naturalized patina is up for debate, one of the primary, leading theories is the fact that, when a watch is kept in a safe and deprived from oxygen, it begins to develop that patina, and it will go away if you polish it, but as we’ve discussed on “Watch 101” before, that might not always be the right call either.