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BOOM, WATCHFAM! In this week’s episode of LIQUOR RUN, we see the return of a fan favorite catch phrase, as well as a classic bottle of Beaujolais over which Christian and Rolly discuss the subject of cheap watches. More specifically, the guys dig deep into the notion that maybe, just maybe, wearing a cheap watch is actually a serious power play. How so?

Think of it like this: guys like Sam Walton, the founder and one of the owners of Walmart, drives a Ford. This is a guy who could probably afford not just every MAKE of car on the road, but LITERALLY every car on the road, and he drives a car that, though reliable, says absolutely nothing about his immense wealth. The trick of it all, though, is that it really does say quite a bit. He’s so confident in his power and position in the world that he can drive whatever he wants and it is still, somehow, a status symbol.

The same is true of watches. Some of the most powerful people in the world, down to executives at Goldman Sachs, wear Swatches or Timexes. These are brands that, though importantly and certainly offering value, are so “below” what these guys can afford with relative comfort. They choose to wear them as a statement, the biggest “F— You” that you can manage when you have that kind of money. And y’know what? It absolutely works.