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In this week’s episode of LIQUOR RUN, Christian and Rolly dive into a bottle of Blaufrankisch from Markus Altenburger and discuss the impact of natural disasters on the world of wine, as well as the context of Swiss watch exports in 2017.

In the wine world, a series of natural disasters over the course of 2017 have posed some serious threats to the ability of some of the world’s leaders in wine production to keep up with the levels they have been able to maintain in the past. In Rolly’s opinion, price may go up to match this discrepancy, most noticeably in respect to wines where the production areas and vineyards have been significantly impacted.

In the watch world, we talked a few months ago about a decrease in Swiss watch exports from most of the major manufacturers, which didn’t necessarily reflect a decrease in sales. Christian’s theory, and one I tend to agree with, is that the boutiques may have been getting too much stock the entire time, and only finally decided to bite back and tell the manufacturers to slow down. Regardless, the brands have reported an up-tick in exports once again, leading to the question: is this to meet demand, or is this an artificial push to try and improve the state of the industry?