In this week’s episode of LIQUOR RUN, Christian and Rolly share a wonderful bottle of Red Car Pinot Noir graciously sent in by a long time member of the watchfam. Over said bottle, they discuss an age old dilemma, one that, as much of a first-world problem as it may be, is still a serious conundrum. Which is the better splurge: a car or a watch?

Now, obviously, this being T&H, Christian and Rolly both say watches. Where it gets interesting, though, is the reasoning. The first part of the argument falls directly on the court of public opinion, in which far more people will see your watch than they will your car. This is especially true in situations where you might be trying to impress someone (think business meeting or party). On the flip side, though, it may not always be true as a status symbol. Think of it this way: an FP Journe costs infinitely more than your standard Rolex Submariner – but how many people will know what the Journe cost compared to the Sub?

When it comes to cost of ownership, this is where the pro-watch arguments begin to make the most sense. A standard Submariner that needs to be serviced every 7 or 8 years might cost between $600 – $1000 to service, something that could easily be budgeted for over that time period. For a car, even one of comparable price? You may very well spend that much in far less than a year. Ultimately, both purchases evoke entirely different physical reactions, though, and the choice remains yours. Which side do you fall on, watchfam?