In this episode of Liquor Run, Christian and Rolly open up a (disappointing!) bottle of Pinot Noir from Del Fin Del Mundo, a brand and bottle with rave reviews. However, the bottle did not bring the fruit, the punch, or the well-roundedness that was promised and it is NOT a recommendation.

Luckily, Christian and Rolly brought their A-GAME for watch talk! Today’s topic was the JLC Reverso, a watch with humble (although still luxury) beginnings, as a practical watch to be worn during polo matches – one that satisfied both a fashionable outfit and could be protected during matches. The watch is now still associated with that well-to-do, luxury market, but is not seen nearly as much as a sports watch as it was back in the 30’s (right after its invention).

Rolly selected the Rose Gold Tribute to 1931 as his favorite pick of the Reverso line – a slim, simple version of the classic watch. The design is very paired down, but the rose gold offers a sort of sophisticated elegance that complements the traditional dress feel of the watch.

Christian, in a similar vein, picked the black tribute to 1931 as his pick. The black and white makes for a personal favorite combo for the watch. The one major drawback, however, (and maybe the only thing keeping Christian from buying one), is the size – it’s a bit too long for the wrist.