In this episode, Christian and Rolly dive into a bottle of Monte Velho and talk about investing in watches (and some great recommendations if you’re into it).

First, we have a chat about the two new straps and beautiful new wallet we released this past week in the T&H shop. The Flatiron and the 740 are absolutely stunning examples of straps that can change the entire look of your watch in no time flat, and Jean Rousseau is, in my estimation, some of the most invested people we’ve ever met.

Speaking of investment…it’s a tricky thing. There are a lot of watches that allow for the ability to keep your money or, even more ideally, make a few bucks. However, that isn’t the true topic at hand here. The question is more so – do you really want to? It’s a question that definitely requires some thought about the way you want to collect and why you want to own certain pieces, but if you do, here are some suggestions regardless.

The Patek Philippe 3940, in any metal. The Patek 5070. Finally, the vintage Rolex Milgauss. All three of these are valid options, and we stand by them as important and potentially valuable options when it comes to investments.