In this episode of Liquor Run, Christian and Rolly crack open a bottle of Ruffino Chianti Classico and talk about the Patek Philippe New York Exhibition and Thierry Stern’s comment about discontinuing the Nautilus.

First, the wine:
It’s a $20 bottle of tart cherry and holiday memories. Its classic, meaty, mineral-ly, old world flavors, begs to be consumed with a good bowl of pasta. It’s not one of the cheaper bottles we’ve tried, but it is definitely a favorite. Grab your bottle here.

On Patek:
Thierry Stern, the president of Patek Philippe, talked in an interview about what would or wouldn’t happen if he were to discontinue the Nautilus line. Mind you, the Nautilus is potentially Patek’s most famous and most recognizable watch. Christian and Rolly talk about what that watch means for the brand in their eyes and speculate whether or not this comment was intended to spark media and watch-geek buzz. You can read the article here.

They also discuss the recent Patek Philippe New York Exhibition, which ran for a few weeks in Manhattan this July. Rolly talks about the value in holding in-the-flesh exhibits versus a brand’s presence on social media.